Increasingly distracted world

In an increasingly distracted world, IQ and EQ alone are not determinants of success; it is focus. This is the ability to pay undivided 100 % on any one task without being distracted.

In my experience, focusing on oneís goals is the Prozac for improving oneís attention. People donít like to be specific in their goals, because specificity is considered to be a condition for failure. And failure is, indeed, painful. Specificity is not merely the wordings of the goal statement. True specificity originates from goals that arise from oneís vision; and vision in turn is derived from purpose.

Enemies of fulfilment of our purpose in life is procrastination and broken focus.

(This is the essence of the message brought to newly elected Leaders of The Indus Student Council at Bangalore, by Lt. Gen. Arjun Ray (Retd.), CEO of the Indus Trust on the occasion of The Ceremony of Investiture on January 26th, 2012)


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Date: 01/22/2021





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