Books inspire us to be human

You are what you read. You can identify the character and personality of an individual by the books that he/she reads. This is why books are an extension of manís consciousness and nervous system.

Books inspire us to be human. They give us a:
  • Higher purpose and meaning to life that makes us self-aware Ė aware of who am I.

  • Multiple perspectives in life.

  • Values.

  • Ability to unlearn and relearn.

  • Focus and mindfulness.

  • Indus focuses a lot on deep reading; and, therefore, deep learning, as it prepares us for all challenges.

    (This is the essence of the message brought to newly elected Leaders of The Indus Student Council at Bangalore, by Lt. Gen. Arjun Ray (Retd.), CEO of the Indus Trust on the occasion of The Ceremony of Investiture on January 26th, 2012)


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    Date: 01/22/2021





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