Covid 19

We must look upon Covid 19 as a great blessing to humanity. We are under going a life-altering crucible experience, an episode that is a great disruptor of the present world social order. At the end of the day, Covid 19 will force us to be innovative. Innovation is the only vaccine against any pandemic, against any difficult situation in our life and workplaces. Those who are not innovative will not survive they will have no economic and political value.

So let us look upon the present pandemic as a great opportunity to become innovative.

(This is the essence of the message brought to newly elected Leaders of The Indus Student Council at Bangalore, by Lt. Gen. Arjun Ray (Retd.), CEO of the Indus Trust on the occasion of The Ceremony of Investiture on January 26th, 2012)


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Date: 01/22/2021





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