In the post - Corona world

In the post-Corona world, children will need more than leadership competencies to survive and succeed. They will also need to possess an entrepreneurial-mind. As a result, the existing purpose of education to prepare a child to succeed in a future that is uncertain, has been re-calibrated and re-imagined as being future-ready.

To be future-ready is to be startup ready.

Graduating students should be capable of giving employment rather than seeking employment. Keeping this objective in mind, we are superimposing a Startup School with effect from the next session. 30 students from Grades 9 to 12 will be selected in each Indus School, and trained by the best entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the city. This will be free for the first year. We shall be sharing the details soon.

(This is the essence of the message brought to newly elected Leaders of The Indus Student Council at Bangalore, by Lt. Gen. Arjun Ray (Retd.), CEO of the Indus Trust on the occasion of The Ceremony of Investiture on January 26th, 2012)


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Date: 01/22/2021





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